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ALFA Charter

To act as a Global resource hub for information on the world wide consumer market for leather and leather based products like foot wear, travel ware, party ware etc. and non-leather supplements to leather.

To disseminate information on products and technology among technologists, artisans, designers and retailers through an IT enabled mode.

To act as a beacon for budding technologists, artisans and designers towards guiding them to successful career in their chosen field of activity.

To address societal issues like safe environment, animal care, safety at work and safe & proper disposal of used leather products & non-leather foot wear.

To act as an extended arm of the ALMA MATER (viz. A.C.Tech., C.L.R.I. ,Anna University) in propagating the developments & achievements to the stake holders, government & society.

To promote fellowship among the alumni base of the AC Tech Leather and Footwear technologists and promote professionalism in leather education, research, industry and market and trade.