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First ever ALFA cricket match View Clips

ALFA organized a Cricket Match for its alumni, which was held on June 8, 2013 (Saturday) from 3 pm onwards in CLRI grounds. Thanks to Director CLRI for providing CLRI Cricket ground.
It was attended by more than 40 Alumni members across several batches, special thanks to 1980 batch for attending many in number. The family members of some of the Alumni were present to participate and cheer the teams as well. 
ALFA President, Shri. C.R. Mohan called upon Shri. C.S. Gnanasekaran and Shri. G.K. Devarajan to formally inaugurate ALFA’s first ever Cricket Match.
The Cricket Match was a limited edition 16 overs match. Two teams were formed by picking of lots. Team A was captained by Shri. Sadhashiv and Team B was captained by Shri. Vijaya Sarathy.
Team A was represented by ALFA Alumni- i) Shri. Asif (Wkt) Shri. B. Madhan,  Shri. Dhilip, Shri. Sadashiv (Capt), Shri. C.R. Mohan, Shri. Vignesh, Shri. Karthik, Shri. C.M. Karthikeyan and ii) family members of Alumni – Shri. Gautham Chadrasekar (son of Dr. B.Chandrasekar), Shri. Naveed Ahmed (husband of Dr. Nishad Fathima) and Master Gautham Prabhakar (son of Shri. C.M. Prabhakar).
Team B was represented by its ALFA Alumni- Shri. Venkatesh (Wkt), Shri. Sreenivasan, Shri. Manzoor, Shri. AK Venkatesan, Shri. Raghul, Shri. C.T. Muthu, Shri. Vijayasarathy (Capt), Shri. Vinodkumar, Shri. Prabu, Shri. Kanagaraj and ii) family member of Alumni- Master Siddharth Karthikeyan (son of Shri.C.M. Karthikeyan).  
Team A Scored 81 runs from its allotted 16 overs with some spirited batting display from some of Alumni like Shri. Mohan, Shri Asif and Shri. Karthikeyan. Team B had some very good bowlers in Shri. Vijayasarathy with his Crafty Spin and Master Siddharth with his accurate Pace.
There was a Drinks Break- Match strategies were discussed.
Team B chased down the score with four overs to spare with some big hitting by the Junior Alumni members and its own “Wall- Rahul Dravid” –Mr. Sreenivasan of Prime Tanneries who remained unbeaten. Team A had some very good bowlers Shri. Madhan and Shri. Goutham Prabhakar with their accurate Pace.
The Alumni Dr. B Chandrasekar, Shri Thirumaran, Shri. Gopalakrishnan, Shri. Lakshmipathy, Shri. AV Chander, Dr. Nishad Fathima and Shri. Obla Premkumar were not in the playing XI but cheered and encouraged both the teams.
Result: Team B won the Match by 5 wickets.
The Match was umpired by Shri. R. Suresh Kumar.
The Man (or Men) of the Match were awarded to Shri Ragul and Master Siddharth Karthikeyan.
Man of the match was sponsored by Shri. Srinivasan / Shri. VIjayasarathy / Shri. Chander and Shri. CR Mohan.
ALFA Lapel Pins were distributed to all the Alumni present.
In conclusion, the Cricket match was really enjoyable and some of the Alumni wanted to have more such matches to be conducted in the future.  Special thanks to AK Venkatesh / CM Karthekeyan / N Nishad Fathima and other EC members for organising this event.